Internship Program Descriptions

Following are the internship programs that are currently offered through the Government of Alberta:

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Alberta Indigenous Intern Program (AIIP)

To view Indigenous interns in the Indigenous Internship Program discuss their experiences in the program and how their internship led to jobs in the Alberta Public Service, check out our video.


  • Increase Indigenous participation in Alberta’s economy and workforce.
  • The AIIP is designed to provide tangible learning, work experience and professional development for interns as well as facilitate cultural exchange and the building of relationships among government, Indigenous people and other stakeholders.

Why Apply for an Alberta Indigenous Internship:

  • As part of the AIIP, you will help build government to community-based relationships while gaining valuable work experience. This Program will help you launch your career and give you the skills to be successful in the Alberta Public Service.


  • The AIIP is a two year program involving various Government of Alberta ministries and a community partner that is an Indigenous organization or one which provides programs and services to Indigenous people.


  • The qualifications are dependent on the specific role being recruited to.
  • You must be a recent graduate (within the last two years) from an accredited university or college.

How and When to Apply:

Contact Address/Phone/Email:

  • Fran Hyndman
    Manager of the Alberta Indigenous Intern Program
    Phone: 780-427-8408

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Alberta Public Service Policy Internship Program


  • A unique government-wide program where participants will have the opportunity to work on public policy initiatives that impact Albertans.

The two-year Alberta Public Service Policy Internship provides recent post-secondary graduates with the opportunity to rotate through two placements that will allow you to:

  • prepare for a future career in public policy by further developing the competencies required of a policy professional in the Alberta Public Service;
  • increase your understanding of how government works and its policy development cycle; and
  • gain valuable work experience, expand your perspective and build your professional network through learning and development opportunities such as a formal mentoring program.


  • 2 years (two one-year department work placements).


  • Department placements will be aimed at giving you experience in the various stages of policy development including environmental scanning, issues identification, research/analysis, options development and much more.

Developmental Activities:

  • In addition to practical work experience, you will participate in a variety of learning and development opportunities including an orientation session; knowledge and skill-building sessions and mentoring activities. You will also have the opportunity to regularly network and share experiences with other Policy Interns and policy professionals throughout government.


  • Internships are two years in length with two one-year department placements. Throughout these placements, you will develop your knowledge and skills in public policy.
  • Public policy is an area that is applicable to so many specialties and disciplines. Your interests, background and skills will be matched with department placements where possible so that you can work in the field of your choice.

Basic Qualifications:

  • You must be a recent graduate from a post-secondary institution (within the last 2 years) with a related degree.

How and When to Apply:

Contact Address/Phone/Email:

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Alberta Student Ministerial Internship Program

Alberta Executive Council


  • The interns will have the opportunity to meet innovative leaders in the Alberta Public Service and learn first-hand how the Alberta government functions at the ministerial level.

Total Duration:

  • Three to four months - starting in May.


  • You'll have an up-close look at how the ministerial level of government operates by working closely with staff to support the minister in his/her daily activities.
  • You’ll learn how public policy is developed and how it supports government’s long-term vision.
  • You’ll develop your interpersonal, research and verbal and written communications skills by assisting with briefing and scheduling, responding to telephone enquiries, processing action requests, attending events and working on special projects.
  • You’ll learn about the many aspects of government through meetings and seminars.

Developmental Activities:

  • Interns will gain valuable experience and an understanding of public policy development activities through a combination of on-the-job training and weekly learning opportunities, including seminars, meetings and special events providing exposure to the Alberta Public Service’s most senior levels, and by interacting with staff from many different areas of government.

Placements (Where/What Duration):

  • Student Ministerial Interns will be placed in a Minister’s Office.
  • The majority of these positions are located in Edmonton with the possibility of one or two positions available in Calgary.

Number of Positions Hired Annually:

  • Up to 15 interns will be hired.

Selection Criteria:

  • Applicants must be post-secondary students who have completed at least two years of a program or have graduated from a post-secondary program within the last year.
  • Preference will be given to those candidates who have demonstrated an interest in government or political processes through related work, co-op or volunteer experience.
  • Applicants are also required to submit a 500-word Statement of Interest responding to the following questions:
    • Why do you want to participate in the Alberta Student Ministerial Internship Program?
    • Why are you a suitable candidate?
    • How do you envision participating in this internship will impact your career?

How and When to Apply:

  • The employment opportunity for the Alberta Student Ministerial Internship Program is generally posted during the months of February or March on the Government of Alberta's employment website, Government of Alberta Jobs website under the Seasonal category and at universities in Alberta.
  • The closing date for applications is normally sometime in February or March.
  • Selected applicants will be asked to participate in an interview.
  • Generally, successful candidates are selected in April or early May, and their internships commence in mid/late May.

Contact Address/Phone/Email:

  • Sheri Cameron
    Manager, Human Resource Programs
    Human Resources
    Executive Council
    7th Floor,
    9820 - 107 Street NW
    Edmonton, Alberta T5K 1E7
    Phone: 780-643-6396

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Disabilities Internship Program

Alberta Community and Social Services

The Disabilities Internship Program offers a paid work experience to recent graduates interested in joining the Alberta Public Service. More information can be obtained by visiting the program website.

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Municipal Internship Program

Alberta Municipal Affairs

The Municipal Internship Program is designed to attract recent graduates to the field of municipal management. The program offers internships in various municipalities across Alberta and is sponsored by Alberta Municipal Affairs. More information can be obtained by visiting the program website.

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